Umarekawattemo Mata, Watashi to Kekkonshite masu ka? Vol. 3 Ch. 15

Nanaten here looking at the chapter title and thinking, "Well, that's an ominous chapter title."

Anyway, I just got back from a very exhausting recording session. It felt like there's a part of my soul that was broken and will never be obtained ever again. I never felt the urge to bash someone with a baseball bat until now. It was that tiring. I was having a mental breakdown at the end of the second session, repeating the same line over and over again. It took me a few days to recover from that.

About this chapter: so yeah, the tittle already sets the tone of the chapter. We already passed the point where we now starts to be wary of each characters featured in the past as we enters the period of World War 2. In this chapter, new characters are introduced, Kaoru's older siblings. Choosing the font for each character has been a major hurdle for me to work on this series. I had to consider the personality of the character, their build, etc, until I just gave up and gave Kaoru's family members one font, since they won't be making any other appearance. At least that's what I though when I read the chapter for the first time.

So here is the chapter. My mental breakdown really left me at the state of catatonia and listless. Next week will be a Tobari update.

Umakawa Volume 3 Chapter 15:
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