Umarekawattemo, Watashi to Kekkonshite masu ka? Volume 3 Chapter 13

Nanaten here. The meeting was delayed for a week, so I was stuck in my hometown for that long too. At the end the thing was basically canceled anyway and I just went back home on Sunday.

This week's video: a cover of Cells at Work opening theme
Thanks for KAiARI for inviting me for this collab. We recorded this over a year ago and I'm so excited that we finally get to share the final product. Please check out the video and leave a like and put a comment saying that I send you. Give KAiARI lots of love. Another collab video will be coming out next week, so stay tuned for that.

About this chapter: shout-out to Lone Samurai for providing me with raws for this series. This is a rather short chapter. It was a little break from the main story, just a slice of Ibukis' marriage life. I swear there's nothing sad about this chapter at all. A new character is introduced, Tetsu. He's first mentioned in one panel in chapter 10 and now he's made full appearance.

It just stroke me at this moment of writing that the timing of this chapter's release couldn't have been more perfect with the awareness of personal hygiene due to Corona virus outbreak. Always remember to wash hands, folks at home.

So here's the delayed Umakawa chapter. Next week will be a Tobari update.

Umakawa Volume 3 Chapter 13:
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