Umarekawattemo, Watashi to Kekkonshite masu ka? Volume 2 Extras

Nanaten here. I'll be back at the city tomorrow with lots of piling amount of work waiting for me. Also I realized that all of my plants is probably dead by now. So yay, all that gardening work I spent for the past 3 months on all went to nothing.

Anyway, thank you for all the tears you shed this week on the comments you left at Mangadex. Seeing many people having the same reaction as I do when I read the chapter is one of the highlights for this week. I actually missed the chapter when it first came out on pixiv, so I was kind of spoiled when I get back to it. Nevertheless, it's still devastating when I actually got to read it when I received a copy of the volume.

About this chapter: I decided to change the first chapter title to "The Amazoness and Barbarian" because I thought it would fit their personality more. You can see the change on the previous chapter on a brief scene where Tora and Chizuru are fighting. I plan to change the chapter 6 later to reflect on it. Might as well change the raw to the tankobon volumes while I'm at it.

As for the afterword by Miku Morinaga sensei, I almost decided not to include it because I was too lazy to translate it. But there's an illustration of Ryunosuke and Chitose watching over Kohnosuke and you can't expect me not to include it. So there. I hope it soothe you after all that has happened in this volume.

So here's the last chapter of Umakawa. For this year, I mean. Umakawa will resume in January 2020. Next week will be the last T&T update for the year. Happy Holidays.

Umakawa Volume 2 Extras:
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