Ake no Tobari Chapter 154

Nanaten here. I mistook chapter 153's card for chapter 154's weeks ago and I just noticed it. I've also noticed that there was no project pages for Shura no Mon and Ashita Aozora. That just show how forgetful I am.

I somehow caught a summer cold this week. Seriously, missed drying my hair for one day and my nose starts running and my throat is completely dry. So I spent the day replenishing myself with salt water and honey. It tastes okay, so that's a silver line.

So tomorrow is Eid'l Ad'ha. To be honest I don't feel too excited about it. Last year my brother and I had our phones stolen. Because of that I am unable to procure Ake no Tobari raws for the past year. I'm thinking of finally getting a replacement this month or so, but I still don't know what model should I get. Does anyone have a suggestion? Also I'm running out of Ake no Tobari raws, so if anyone has the Japanese raws from chapter 163 onward, that would be amazing.

Before I forgot: congratulations to the champions of this year's World Cosplay Summit. I actually cleared my schedule last weekend just to watch the final round and the preliminary round the day before. Every team performance was amazing. Truly the pinnacle of cosplay. I wish I have their skills and showmanship.

About this chapter: never forget to say my absolute praises to the stunning cleaning and typesetting work brought to us by Eva (and Mayu) from Mavi Manga. This week there is no T-Sensei, unfortunately. I didn't turn in my script to Mayu in time. I don't even provide the download link this week. The cold is really getting into me.

So here's this week's chapter. I'll be taking a break next week to work on the scripts (also to recover from my cold).

Ake no Tobari Chapter 154:
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