Ake no Tobari Chapter 142 & T-Sensei Volume 4 Chapter 22

Nanaten here. Recently I've been listening to Sakanaction songs on youtube. I really like their music videos. My favorite ones are Sayonara wa Emotion and Slow Motion.

This week's video: something I owed my ten year old self.

I know It's a little cliche to do a Naruto cover, but dammit I'm doing this! The first Naruto episode I watched was Team 7 vs Kakashi. I fell in love with the ending theme almost immediately. I think I stopped reading Naruto when the 5th Ninja War started. And now watching Boruto, I was like "What happened to these characters?"

I'm still struggling with my internet speed issue. That video itself took me more than 18 hours to upload and it took 6 hours to upload these chapters here and to mediafire. Strangely enough, I have a pretty normal download speed.

So good news, Momochi Dori has recovered and resumed writing Ake no Tobari, which I couldn't read because my phone is too slow to open the app. I haven't actually read the last 30 chapters and now I'm feeling like I'm falling behind which cause you to fall even more behind. So here's a picture of Kokonoe with cat ears.

About these chapters: massive shout out to Eva and Mayu for once again providing the amazing cleaning and typesetting. I found several typos and errors in the chapter (obviously my fault) at first glance but I couldn't find it again when I tried to fix it. So if you could find it, please let me know.

So here are this week's chapters. Enjoy!

T-Sensei Volume 4 Chapter 22
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 142
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