Ake no Tobari Ch. 144 & T-Sensei Vol. 4 Ch. 24

Nanaten here. We were doing some renovating in our house/office this afternoon and I am now drenched in sweat. Why do we always renovating our house at the time I am supposed to write an update, I wonder?

This week's video, cover of a song that is so copyrighted, I had to upload it four times.
Also just to let you know I am almost reaching 200 subscribers which means once I reach it, I will have to make a music video to celebrate just like last year with my 100 subs celebration video.

Random stuff: I recently played Psycho-Pass video game on PC and I must say, It is much better compared to Season 2 of the anime (I still haven't watched the movie yet, so I am saving my judgement on that). Apparently getting the true end of the game is very easy. I just had to be the most competent detective while keeping check of my Psycho Pass. Moral of the story: take your anti-depressants, kids.

About these chapter: a HUGE shout-out to Eva and Mayu of Mavi Manga for providing the exquisite cleaning and typesetting. I just noticed five minutes ago, that I accidentally posted snippets of this week's update last week on facebook. Oops.

So here are this week's chapters. I'll be seeing you next time.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 144
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T-Sensei Volume 4 Chapter 24
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