Kaiouki Vol. 9 Chapter 26

Nanaten here. So here we are at last, THE REVIVAL!!! AAAAAAAAAARGH!!!

Joking aside, I was glad to be finally be able to work on this series once again after such a long hiatus. I have forgotten how fun and thrilling it was to translate this series and how frustrating it was to getting reacquainted with the sea terminology (seriously which way is starboard again?).

This week's video is just an old archive of me singing live again back in MTE2017. I won't put it in this post. So if you're interested, just go and check out my youtube channel. Then why am I mentioning this you ask? This week I decided to catch up with Game Center CX show. As you recall I am a huge fan of Game Center CX/Retro Game Master. I skipped season 18 through 21 and just watched recent episodes from season 22. My brother and I had a blast watching the Captain Tsubasa II two part episodes. So much that my brother tried to play it on a NES emulator. Maybe I should try and play it too.

Speaking of which, I've also defeated all 16 colossi on Shadow of Colossus. Instead of being epic, Malus fight became a chore after I fell off its hand for the fifth time. Avion is still my favorite fight in the series. Later I played ICO because why the heck not.

About this chapter: someone contacted me last year asking for the continuation of Kaiouki. I planned to translate Kaiouki volume 9 after I am done with Shura no Toki volume 9. As you might recall, I recently purchased a bulk of manga, and I obtained around half of Kaiouki volumes. I meant to use it as reference for my translation. Then I changed my setup to accommodate dual monitors. And since I already have the Indonesian scan from before I make  the purchase, the hardcopy of the manga is now obsolete. I'm still going to collect the rest of the volumes nonetheless.

I tried to experiment with the fonts like I did with Isekai Seikishi Monogatari, however using Wild Words felt off for some reason. So I might change the font for subsequent chapters. There's two more chapters in this volume and then I'll move to other series.

So here's the first chapter of Kaiouki volume 9 triology. Next Kaiouki update will be on February.

Kaiouki Volume 9 Chapter 26: Read Online | Download 

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