War on Geminar Vol. 2 Ch. 8

Nanaten here and happy (belated) Halloween. Sorry I was late. My internet has been down for the past three days and I had to get a data plan just to write this post. Hopefully that issue will get resolved soon because I am terrible at managing my data.

For this week's video, I prepared something special I managed to pull at the last minute last week:
I decided to cosplay as Reimei for a cosplay competition last week. It was a last minute decision. I haven't done an action cosplay performance in years as you remember that Kingdom Hearts x Hetalia video (speaking of which, happy belated Hetalia day also). I thought it was a great opportunity to promote the series. So I stay up at night to make that background badly dubbed comic video to use (probably the only reason I participated in the first place). I hope you enjoy it.

Random stuff: I started playing Kingdom Hearts series for the first time. I sort of missed this series when it came out. And with KH3 coming in 2019, I thought it was a great opportunity to finally experience the series. I am currently at Hollow Bastion in KH2.

About this chapter: Sorry, but no T&T this week. Instead we have War on Geminar. As you can guess from the title, it's an Aura centric chapter. I made a comment on volume one about how it being her only appearance in the entire manga series. I apologize for that mistake. Also, I might have Kenshi to refer Aura as "Miss Aura" instead of "Princess Aura" like in the dub. That was an oversight on my part. I haven't rewatched WoG in months so I missed that detail. But I do remember that Lashara speaks in royal we at least.

So here's WoG to start this month. Next week will be T&T. Now I have to go and practice my somersault.

Tenchi Muyo War on Geminar Volume 2 Chapter 8:

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