Ake no Tobari Ch. 114

Nanaten here. My brother told me that my mother decided to come and visit, so I am starting to wonder why I am always the last one to hear about it every time our parents is visiting.

This week, I am started filming my first live action cover music video. It's pretty small scale with no budget using my new phone camera. It was meant to be a normal cover until I decided to shot random stuff.

(My mother just walked in and saw that twitter post. She told me to stop wasting my time on it.)

I am currently into Fresh off the Boat tv series. I really like how relatable that show is. My favorite character is Jenny. She just steals every scene she was in.

Speaking about grandmother, a new character is introduced: Tobari's grandmother. She really resembles Tobari. I assume that the hair ornaments Tobari has is hers. We finally get the glimpse of the reason why Kokonoe might be after Tobari's life in this flashback part.

So here's the latest release. Next week will (probably) be a double release  nope, just a normal release, I still haven't decided which series to revive.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 114:
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