Ake no Tobari Ch. 102

Nanaten here and welcome back to Citrus Plays. Just kidding, it's you usual Ake no Tobari update. I was recording gameplay footage earlier for Citrus Plays (which will be available tomorrow). The frame rate was a mess so I had to re-record the whole playthrough. That's why I was late updating this. That and another reason.

Recently Patreon announced their new transaction fee policy starting December 18th: creators will receive 95% for each pledges. At first I was excited because I thought that means I pay less processing fee. What I didn't know (because I kind of skimmed the announcement mail) is that the processing fee is paid by patrons instead.

Currently, creators have to pay 5% of transaction fee (along with other fees from paypal and taxes up to 10%) for each pledge they receive. I have no problem with that because that is what is written at my patreon's homepage. With the new policy, patrons who make pledges will have to pay their pledged amount PLUS transaction fee of 2.9% AND 35 cents. So, if someone were say, pledge $1 to a creator, they will have to pay $1 dollar and 38 cents for fee. And this is affecting patrons who pledges in small amount to several creators. Most creators, myself who currently living off from patreon included, worried that it will turn off their patrons, even losing current patrons, from pledging.

Some patrons, have already said that they will have to pledge to fewer creators or reduce their pledges across the board. Some are already doing so ahead of the December 18th change. And a few creators are even trying to retain their support base by reducing their pledge tier amounts. As for myself, I don't know what to do. So I'm asking you, what is the best course of action?

As for those who would still like to support me financially without using patreon, you could always send money directly using the donation button on the right, or you can do it via Ko-fi (link is also on the right).

Random stuff: tomorrow, I'll be cosplaying as Reimei in a cosplay contest. There's also going to be a selfie contest with a selfie with the most likes will get a cash prize. So what I'm asking is for your cheers and likes for my selfie that I will post on the fanpage.

So here's your weekly dose of Ake no Tobari. Next week: return of Little Tobari.

Chapter 102:
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Special thanks to this month's patrons:

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and to First Last for informing me about the Patreon policy.