Ake no Tobari Ch. 100

Nanaten here wishing everyone Happy (belated) Thanksgiving. It feels pretty odd because I don't live in North America with whole timezone difference and all.

As for what I'm thankful for, I am thankful for all of your support, either in forms of comments, donations, or just an act of sharing these mangas. Those are kinds of support that keeps me going. I feel so blessed to know that what I do brings joy to other people. I am also thankful that Kissmanga finally updated their Ake no Tobari page up to current chapter and actually used the download link like I requested. And finally I am thankful that people enjoyed my Reimei cosplay test run (so far, I only got one like on twitter, but it still counts).

Random stuff: my full Japanese cover of Mystery Skulls' Money (a.k.a. Turntable Turnabout) is up. You can listen to it right here or you can go to my patreon page and download it.

About this chapter: We've reached 100th chapter this week, yay! This is a huge milestone for me. I cannot express my gratitude enough for taking this journey with me.

So here's prelude to upcoming battle. Next week: Three Eyed Twins: Part 1.

Chapter 100:
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