Ake no Tobari Ch. 96

Nanaten here. Lately I've been watching John Oliver clips on youtube. I just binge watched anything I can get my hands on. I've been watching it so much, I forgot about my other works and sleep. Thankfully, my sleep mask is there to help me sleep.

A new episode of Citrus Plays is up last week. If you haven't checked it yet, I played 3x3 Eyes video game for playstation.
Recently, I was doing a campaign on twitter with hashtag #100subs4nanaten to help me get 100 subscribers so I can get a custom url for my channel.

Random news: This month Comico is reaching their 4th anniversary. To celebrate it, Comico has several campaign. First one is to speed their free ticket cooldown so instead of getting free ticked in 24 hours, you can get free ticket in 4 hours. This campaign is happening right now until next week, September 7th 12pm JST. They're also giving away signed merchandise. All you have to do is to leave a comment on which signed merchandise you want. This campaign is happening until September 14th.

Now for something Ake no Tobari related: Kissmanga has finally uploaded chapter 78 and 79 of Ake no Tobari. Which is is great because Kissmanga is almost 20 chapters behind. The problem is, they forgot to include the credit pages of those chapters. After some investigation, I deduced that they must have ripped the manga from this site. I've put download link for those chapters on my livejournal here in case something like this happens. But I think that was on me for not including download links in Table of Contents page. I'm not planning of doing it because of aesthetic.

About this chapter: I have to give it to Magatoki for ruining the lives of every living creature he meets. I love the way of how anything that anyone said in the past comes up in later chapter and provides the sickest burns. That and several of body part related puns is what makes translating this series fun. For the next few chapters, expect sick burns and puns.

So here's three eyed twins vs. Magatoki. Next week: Magatoki vs. Kokonoe.

Chapter 96:

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