Ake no Tobari Ch. 62-23

Nanaten here finally realize how much in financial trouble I am. So I decided to put ads in this blog and in my youtube channel. I hope this goes well.

New anime season is finally here. I haven't seen every anime this season has offered as I'm not planning to watch every last one of them, but some have interest me aside from obvious continuation of previous seasons anime (My Hero Academia, Eccentric Family, Natsume, and Rage of Bahamut). Akashic Record of Bastard Teacher, Suka-Suka, Grimoire of Zero, Tsuki ga Kirei, Atom: the Beginning are the obvious choice. I haven't seen Alice and Zouroku, but my friend recommended it and from what I've seen from the manga, it has an interesting concept.

World Fool News was my personal favorite. I'm a fan of Peeping Life anime, as you can see from my cover of the ending theme song. Seeing this come from the same channel as the one who made Peeping Life made say to myself "Why I didn't watch the first season?"

About this chapter: this is my favorite arc. The demons subordinate finally got the spotlight in this arc, especially Shimon, my favorite character. Translating Meyui's lines is also fun.

So here's the beginning of Shimon's arc. See you next week.

Chapter 62
Chapter 63

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