Nanaten's Random Friday

Nanaten here. I'm sorry to announce that chapter 52-54 of Ake no Tobari is delayed. The reason for that is because those chapters require cleaning skill which I am not capable of. And with recent storm and blackouts, I forgot to do them. I tried to contact Mavi Manga again and I am still waiting for their reply.

For slightly better news, the script of chapters up to 60 are almost done. And I also made a system where I made the script for latest Japanese chapter along with translated chapter so I can catch up sooner.

Other news: the project page for Kaiouki is up! I'm starting to work on volume 9. Expect it to be released sometimes in March.

Just in case if you didn't notice, I've put a Ko-fi link in the donation sidebar. Even though they all are basically using the same paypal. I though people prefer different options to support me and my random release.

And that is all for this week. I'm so sorry about this delay. I hope I'll be able to release the rest of Wings Arc soon. In the mean time, here are version 2 of Demon Leader of Mt. Shinonome Arc.