Ake no Tobari Ch. 50

Nanaten here wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. I forgot to buy calendar again this year so I don't know the exact date.

Anyway, I spent the past week creating and moving index pages for this blog. This way, you have better access to previous chapters and all the releases. This is probably the reason why the sidebar were acting out. So far, only Ake no Tobari, Shura no Toki, War on Geminar, Tekken Chinmi Legends, and Fudekage have been moved to their pages. But by February, hopefully all series are available.

Random stuff: I just discovered It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Continuing from last week, I shall post an extra chapter if this video reaches 1000 views. I don't know how google analytics works for counting the views, so you probably have to watch it until the end before you hit the replay button or refresh the page.

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