Ake no Tobari Ch. 47 & 48

Nanaten here trying something new. I'm currently testing a method of posting a chapter in this blog. I will use the blog page feature to separate between blog post and chapter like Gravity Tales.

As for the reason, google once again rejected my adsense application. I really don't know what I do wrong. So I'm gonna start with this method of posting and then I'll do it on previous posts and chapter. Review and first impression will probably remain the same.

I also had this idea from Gravity Tales. Recently I did a dance cover of Koi Dance. For those who don't know, It's a popular dance from Japan based on a Japanese drama "We Married as Job". What I'm trying to do is to increase the view count by asking you to watch it (this video might be unavailable for U.S. and mobile viewer because of contentID). Anyway, I'll post an extra chapter if this video reaches 1000 views. I don't know how google analytics works for counting the views, so you probably have to watch it until the end before you hit the replay button or refresh the page.

About these chapters: special thanks to Eva (Mavi Manga) for cleaning and typesetting for chapter 47. from chapter 48, I'll be back doing the cleaning and typesetting. I enjoyed working together with Mavi Manga and hopefully I'll be working together with them some more. The reason that I'm back doing the typesetting from chapter 48 is because I forgot to send them the script. I haven't done any translation script since last month because i've been busy with IRL projects and stuff. And I started to forget how to typeset and cleaning. I'd forgot about it completely if it wasn't for the Bahasa Indonesia version of Ake no Tobari.

Anyway, here are double release of Ake no Tobari. I will now working on the script nor the next few chapters and another abandoned manga as well.

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