Ake no Tobari Ch. 46

Nanaten here asking how everyone's New Year's is. Mine was filled with gunpowder residue from excessive fireworks from the neighbors. Seriously, my clothes bathed in so much gunpowder, if I someone was shot, I'd be the number one suspect based on gunpowder test. Okay that last part was a joke.

Speaking of new year's, if you accessed through Comico app for the new year's, there's an exclusive thumbnail for each series, including Ake no Tobari. It's gone now, but I managed to rip it. I'll include it at the end of this chapter.

I have so many planned out this year now that I'm graduating college, song cover, manga reviews, manga translations, cosplay. Some of them are in Bahasa Indonesia. I'm not sure how it will appeal international audience (and domestic for that matter).

About this chapter: special thanks to Eva from Mavi Manga for the amazing cleaning and typesetting. Sorry if the image sizes are inconsistent. I was too lazy to stitch and split like I did for the Bahasa Indonesia version. I found a site where I can stitch the images with ease. So that part is basically solved.

So here's the first chapter of Wings arc. So many side players are moving.

Chapter 46.

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