Ake no Tobari Ch. 45

Nanaten here wishing everyone a happy new year. Sorry I was late. I was busy preparing for new year's party. Just like last year, I'll be hosting my cosplay circle's anniversary party. But this time, I'll be hosting, dancing, and singing. Hopefully it goes well.

So 2016 is ending. Many things in my life happened: I started doing Ake no Tobari (and probably abandoning all of my other projects), I went on community service, my second event vlog, first time doing a collaboration video, my first live show as Citrus Project, finishing my thesis, and probably the biggest of all: I appeared at Youtube Rewind Makassar 2016 as small cameo.

Yes, Youtube Rewind Makassar 2016 is now up. I'm so excited to announce that It's finally here. I made a small cameo in it. I just wanna say that everyone in this video have a very great time making it.

So yeah, I'm pretty much accomplished my new year's resolution for 2016: To get famous on something not crime related. Now everyone recognizes me as a friggin weirdo.

As for my new year's resolution for 2017 I'm gonna improve my interpersonal skills, starting with actually remembering people's names. I keep getting faces and names mixed up over the past couple of years. And I think as karmic retribution, people also forget about me. That's why I will do my best to not forgetting people.

About this chapter: special thanks to Eva from Mavi Manga for cleaning and typesetting. Again, sorry for the inconsistent image sizes.

In this chapter, we get to see Reimei's backstory of how he became acquaintance with Sayuri and the village. It's nice to see the backstory of our two main leads. And I think Sayuri's son and Reimei's teacher will be a great character when he appears. Although I don't want to see another bloodshed. But that's not gonna happen isn't it?

So here's a heartwarming chapter of Ake no Tobari. You know what that means, folks: things are about to get serious. See you in 2017.

Chapter 45.

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