Ake no Tobari Ch. 43

Nanaten here. Two weeks ago, Mavi Manga contacted me after I said I would ran out of raws. As I mentioned last week, they provided me with raws up to chapter 80. In return, I gave them my script for the next 7 chapters (a.k.a. this months release). Then they decided to help me with the editing. I forgot to split some of the files, so google photos shrank some of it. Sorry about that.

Random stuff: My Bahasa Indonesia cover of Your Name soundtrack, Yume Tourou is up. I sang it live at Japan Korea Festival 2016 as opening act. Sorry, for the audio quality (and my horrible voice).

I forgot to mention this last week, but THE LAST GUARDIAN IS FINALLY HERE!!! I've been watching let's plays and clips on youtube like a poor person I am. Trico and the architecture look so beautiful. And the soundtrack... I feel like crying every time I listened to the epilogue music. Seeing the camera shooting soaring through the air as the music plays reminds me of that final scene of Titanic.

About this chapter: now you guys see why I care so much about Shimon. He just doesnt want his friends to be involved. So to every Shimon haters out there: SHUT UP!!! SHIMON IS LOVE!!!

So here's an Ake no Tobari chapter before Holiday season. Look forward to my Holiday releases. It's going to be epic, cute and fluffy! (Sorry, for this messy update, I have a mild cold ever since I sang on that video.)

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