Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi Monogatari Booklet (August 2007)

Nanaten here with the third installment of Holiday release. Special thanks to Purple Candy for the raws.

This is a booklet that came with volume 5 of CnRM (I think. I cannot read Taiwanese from Purple Candy's blog.) This sets after chapter 24 of CnRM. I decided to translate this because it's one of many rare CnR shorts that people haven't read yet because they are outside of the actual volume of the main series.

There are many extra material of CnR series I haven't read yet (guide book, art book, second and third drama CDs). Some of them were included in CnR-KM. This one is probably my favorite from CnRM.

In case if you noticed, I tried to translate the SFX as well. This is the first time I tried it. If you like it, let me know. I might try to do it on my other release as well.

So that's all of my Holiday Presents to show my appreciations to you. See you on new years eve.

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also special thanks to John Thor for the donation.