Ake no Tobari Ch. 32

Nanaten here with second half of our monthly double updates.

Last night, I read this new manga Dumbbell Nani Kilo Motteru? (How Heavy Are Dumbbells?). It's about girls trying to get fit. It's a cute comedy muscle fetish manga, similar to Macho-kun. I really hope someone would translate it.

Another manga news: New 3x3 Eyes just ended in the most WTF just happened style of 3x3 Eyes. I know they pretty much got to the climax a few weeks ago, but with only 10 pages per week, it felt rushed. I was just sitting here and think "Well, that resolved quickly".

My brother suggested to do a live stream during Makassar Toys Fair next month. While I'm considering it, I don't know what kind of content should I do. For some reason, all that pops in my head is "Top of the morning to ya, Laddies!" and the rest is nothing but stutter and bad grammar.

About this chapter: this is the start of flashback arc. It explains the connection between Tobari, slime, and mysterious man. Also Meyui being the most chill demon in entire series. I'm thinking of making a Meyui T-shirt, Haruhi Suzumiya obey style.

Translation note: as you probably have known from my brithday updates, I changed the term Yokai into Demons. Also during explanation of Tsumugi's fish, the japanese was in present tense. So that part wasn't a grammar mistake. Also Tobari did say "Lively". I kept convincing myself that it was not a typo during editing.

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