Random Friday: Running Gags

Sometimes, I see my my life as a sitcom where I'm the cast, director, and audience. Way back when I started this blog, there are times when I wanted to try comedy. Some of them involved sketches, jokes, one liners and other stuff. As I was too lazy to write those, they were later incorporated in not only my writing style, but also in real life.

As you noticed, there are few running gags in this blog, and some came from real life and some I probably stole from several other comedy shows. So I'm thinking of listing them all here, the ones that I already mentioned and the ones I'm thinking of using on later posts or when making my own show.

  • My childhood.
  • Side commentaries about something I just said.
  • How I became more of a shut-in each day.
  • How I'm using this blog for procrastination from real life duties.
  • Completely forgetting how certain words are spelled (like "immediately")
  • Me and grammar.
  • My low self-esteem.
  • Sports and how I am terrible at them.
  • How unintentionally offensive I am towards people.
  • My annoying singing voice.
I forgot the rest.