Ake no Tobari Ch 10

Nanaten here. Back in high school, I have this history teacher. Very few of us actually listened during his class. He died a couple of years ago and I didn't go to his funeral. I feel kinda guilty because now, I know what it feels to be ignored by your students, especially when they deliberately run away mid-class. I feel like I let people down, my history teacher, my supervisor, myself, and my students.

Some of the other teachers up here told me I should brought down the hammer on my students. But the problem is, I'm too languid to do so. I haven't been able to get mad in years because I'm too languid (and also when things happen,.it's mostly my fault). I just can't bring myself to let my emotions out properly.

My bitching out aside, this chapter marks the end of Reimei's fight. I saw the sketch from the author's twitter page and compared it with recent chapter. And I must say, Reimei's design has changed quite significantly. He's a lot taller in recent chapters compared to this one.

As for Hibachi's lines, I decided not to translate it just like I did with Goku on TCL. In case if you're wondering, all Hibachi says are "Kyu~". Kinda reminds me of Naga from Saiyuki series (I can't be sure, I haven't seen that anime in years).

So here's chapter 10. As usual, feel free to tell me in the comments if you found spelling and grammar errors.