Ake no Tobari Ch. 7

Nanaten here on his first week of teaching. It want well, kind of. I keep forgetting what am I supposed to teach these kids. Other than that, I bonded well with them.

Random stuff: I keep getting Eiffel 65 song stuck in my head this week. For some reason, I kept singing. It now stuck to my roommates as well. That has been my plan all along.

This week I discovered that a scanlation team in Thailand is using my translation of Ake no Tobari even though there's already an official translation in Comico Thailand app. I'm actually happy that someone is using my translation. This just means that the series is getting popular. However, I don't know about those guys in Comico. Can someone let them know about the official translation? Also tell them that Nanaten says Hi!

About this chapter: The hand puns in this chapter are intentional by the author. It's exactly what it says in the raws. Also, we finally know the names of the yokai trio: Meyui (eyes), Tekka (horn), and Shimon (four arms). All those names are written in katakana. Out of all characters in Ake no Tobari, Shimon is actually my favorite, even more than Tobari and Reimei. I just fell bad about him as an antagonist. I won't spoil any further because the author already asked the readers not to spoil the series.

So here's chapter 7. Next week will be a double update of Ake no Tobari. I'm feeling generous this week.