Ake no Tobari Ch. 6

Nanaten here updating from somewhere in the mountains. The first week on my Community Service went smoothly except for the part where I got carsick. The locals are friendly, kinda reminds me of the folks back at my late granpa's home (I miss that old dude).

For the last five days, we got to watch classes during midterms. It's weird to be on the other side of that table, but it was a fun experience. It's amusing to see the face of middle schoolers struggling during an exam. However, next week is going to get real. I will be teaching those classes starting next week.

Anyway back to Ake no Tobari. Ake no Tobari sticker for White Day is now available on Comico Page app. From what I can see from the poster, it's a sticker of Tobari hugging a huge heart. I can't tell if there is another sticker because my phone is apparently incompatible with the app. Let me know if you have the app installed. 

Also if you noticed the art at the top, I took them from the author's twitter page. He always puts up an art when a new chapter is released in Japan. This one correspondent to chapter 6. While at the bottom you see an art by the author to promote Comico. I took the liberty of removing the speech bubble. It has been my phone screen saver for a month now and I would like to share it to you guys.

Random news:

I just got my first patron!!!

I would like to reward you somehow, but I can't access my patreon from up here. So let me know if you get this message in the comments.

So here's the new arc of Ake no Tobari. It's a cheerful one. Next week is another double update of Ake no Tobari and Kaiouki.

Chapter 6