Tekken Chinmi Legends Vol. 13 Ch. 59

This chapter is the longest chapter in this volume, which means that next chapter is going to be a short one. I decided to go on full English on the names (the martial arts and schools), however I don't know the direct translation for Batsuzan Ganteiken, so I just left it at that. Also I don't have any redrawing skill, so don't judge me for being lazy.

Other news: as you can read from my previous post, I decided to make a patreon page. This won't change the release schedule of one chapter per week because of monthly pledge. If you pledge more than $5 a month, you can get a chapter one week earlier before I actually post them on this blog.

Other other news: If you see my previous tumblr post, you can see a teaser of my latest translation project. It's a webmanga from Comico (same website as Momokuri and ReLife) called Ake no Tobari. I read it back in new year's eve and I must say, I really enjoy the story. It's about a yokai and a priest working together so humans and yokai can coexist. I already translated more than 15 chapters and I will release it sometime in February. More reason to become my patron to get early read.

About my cover album: there's still some problem with scheduling. So far, only one person showed up during recording. Things are looking bleak. If this keeps up, I think I have to postpone it until June.

So here's Tekken Chinmi Legends. As usual, if you find any mistakes, leave it in the comments. Next will be chapter 60 and later I'm thinking Tenchi Muyo or Kaiouki.

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