Tekken Chinmi Legends Vol. 13 Ch. 58

After two months of masturb procrastinating, I'm finally back. And guess what? I've reached 100th posts!!! Yay!

From now on, I'm thinking of translating manga one volume at a time instead of chapter. Which means I'll be switching manga once I've completed the volume. But I'm still gonna released one chapter per a week. You know, just to keep it slow (and yes, I want that sweet click counts).

Random stuff: I see people are visiting some of my old posts, especially on Press A album. I have to say I'm happy for those 25 people who actually clicked that download button. Anyway, we still haven't make any progress with the new album. We sort of have a problem with the scheduling. I'll be keep updating about our progress.

So here's the first Chinmi updates for this year. There's still 2 more chapters in volume 13 and after that I'm thinking of War on Geminar or Kaiouki. Let me know in the comments bellow.

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