Monthly Shonen Magazine January Issue

Nanaten's Random Friday

Me : It's Fri...
Conscience: Nope! International date line has passed four hours ago!
Me : It's Friday when I say it is!!!

Lineup (12/5/2015)
  • Dear Boys ACT 3 (Hiroki Yagami)
Just when you thought Dear Boys has finally ended, next page's announcement seemed to think otherwise.
New arc will start on March Issue (February 5th).
  • Bocchi Album (Satoshi Yamaguchi & Takeshi Hirai)
The club is actually making an album.
  • Kuro Ageha (Atsushi Kase)
  • Shura no Toki: Showa Arc (Masatoshi Kawahara)
89 Pages of Mutsu/Fuwa goodness I won't get until next year. Volume 16 will be out on January 15th.
  • RiN (Sakuishi Harold)
  • Kakushigoto (Kouji Kumeda)
Apparently, the magazine counted last issue's teaser as the first chapter. So we finally got the whole story: it's about a single father who hides his job as a manga artist from his daughter.
As per Kumeta's tradition, each character's names has their own meaning. The father's name is Goto Kakushi (when turned around, it's read Kakushi Goto) and the daughter is Goto Hime (When turned around it's read Himegoto). Both means hidden things.
  • Convenience Store Lady (Asumu Matsumoto)
This chapter, our lady goes to try corn dogs.
  • Kin no Kanojo Gin no Kanojo (Maruboro Akai)
Continuing from last chapter's suspension bridge effect, Girlfriend-san has a flashback about falling from a cliff.
Kyoko and Yakusuke are on a date to find a missing record.
  • Banjo no Polaris (Minori Kiguchi & Takahiro Wakamatsu)
Ippei vs. Aoi. We get to see how Aoi got interested in chess.
  • Chikuwa Machi no Susume (Naoki Hirano)
  • C. M. B. (Motohiro Kato)
The duo got invited somewhere in Iran to investigate a skeleton found on archeology site.
  • Gourmet Zombie Kuchihate Touta (Ichiru Yasuhara)
New serialisation about a zombie who feels alive (literally) when eating delicious food. I have to say, this is the most disturbing gourmet manga I've ever read.
  • Super Part-Timer Legend Murasame (Hirota Takahara)
One-Shot comedy manga about an OP part-timer.
  • Summer Salt Turn (Hajime Inoryu & Renji Hoshi)
Mizuno and the swimming club went to a firework festival.
  • The Deep Sea Girl (Makoto Inaba)
Manga from Magazine R. Continuing the gourmet theme, Hikari decided to make a lunch for Takeru. It was handmade, but not the kind Takeru was expecting.
  • Sora no Platanus (Taro Nami & Sanbanchi Kawa)
  • Pumpkin Scissors (Iwanaga Ryotaro)
Colonel wakes up from last chapter's nightmare and has a conversation with Doctor.
  • Shin Kamen Rider Spirits (Ishinomori Shotaro & Kenichi Muraeda)
  • Ryuroden (Yoshito Yamahara)