Poll result! (And new Chapter)

Nanaten's Random Friday

And the winner of our big poll is, (drumroll please!)!

Tekken Chinmi Legends

I bet you didn't see that one coming!

To celebrate 20.000 views (It wasn't that much compared to other translating sites, but it's something for me, okay?) I decided to translate this just for the lolz. But if this got a lot of responses, I might considering to translate it (maybe, my conscience said I shouldn't add any more burden).

Oh, in case if you're wondering the real result here you go (I forgot the exact votes, but it's somewhere around that):

  1. Shura no Mon (172 votes). 49% of the tally is this. So many people abusing multiple votes, I was thinking it might me broken. But as I mentioned on many posts ago, I will probably going to translate until the end of second arc, then jump straight to Dai ni Mon. I want to get to Yamada as soon as possible. He's obviously my favorite character now.
  2. Kaiouki (64 votes). Kaiouki is actually the first Kawahara Masatoshi series I've read. I ended up wasting my entire new year's allowance renting the whole volumes (and it was worth it).
  3. Ashita Aozora (32 Votes). I wasn't actually expecting this to get to top three. I guess Shura no Mon has something to do with it.
  4. Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar (26 votes). *Runs away*
  5. Hero (12 votes). For something that I only translate like 3 pages, the response is not bad... I guess it's because of Fudekage?
  6. Paradise Gakuen (11 votes). This proves that eleven of us are pervs.
  7. Shut up, Nanaten! You suck!!! (2 votes).... I will find you, bitch!
Don't worry if your series didn't make it. I'll probably going to translate them if I got bored, or sick from translating Shura no Mon & Toki, or when I'm procrastinating from school work and life.