Samurai Sensei Vol. 1 Ch. 1

Four weeks later and I is still haven't updated anything Shura related, almost to the point of completely forgotten. And here I am posting yet another completely random manga which I most likely picked up because I want to get that views and eventually got tired of it.

So I found this manga on Tuesday and I remembered that this is getting a live-action adaptation (you can go to d-addicts to get the subtitle for the first episode). And I have to say, the manga is a lot different than the dorama. Probably that's because they have to put lots of fillers on it as there's only two volumes out so far in a very excruciating chapter release pace (I mean, twelve pages per month?).

The only problem that I have with the dorama is that they're giving away Sakamoto Ryoma's identity way too early. It was in the synopsis and the opening, so it kinda spoils the manga. I'm not gonna say anything about the cast because it's only been one episode. But I do like the historical trivia.

Random stuff: as you can read on my Tumblr, Kissmanga has blocked my Disqus account. Probably because I posted a really mean comment about Real Account manga addressed to the mods. I wanted to apologize, but I've been blocked from their facebook page for over a year now (I still can't figure out why). So I'm just gonna put my apology here (but seriously, you gotta work on your manga updates, man!).

So let me know in the comments if you like this manga or you found some grammar mistakes.