Secret Manga Project

Yesterday, somehow, I found myself tired from translating Fudekage, Shura no Toki, or any Masatoshi Kawahara's work. If this keeps up, I think I'm gonna drop them. So, I decided to do a little manga translation project that's totally unrelated to Masatoshi Kawahara (No, it's not Corseltel. Don't get your hopes up.)

Here's a hint: It's a manga based on an anime released in 2009 about transported to another world of mecha. There's already one chapter available online, but i think they dropped it.

They have a really short chapters, so I think I can work on them along with my other project. But I'm still gonna put them on the poll (My consciense: Aw come on, dude! Stop adding another workload on yourself! You're getting closer and closer to being a total shut-in!).

I'm halfway done and I'm gonna post one chapter along with Shura no Toki volume 8 chapter 1 with SnT taking the first priority (I have to return the manga in two days).

Other news: as you can read on Batoto, I have a twitter account @citrus_nanaten (apparently there're many people using the name Nanaten). I'm gonna put some updates and random stuff there so be sure to check that as well.