First Impression: New 3x3 Eyes

Instead of working on Yakumo Mutsu, let's take a look at another Yakumo.

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3x3 Eyes: Victims of Eidolon Forest (Volume 1)

3x3 Eyes: Victims of Eidolon Forest (3x3 Eyes: Genjū no Mori no Sōnansha)
Story & Art: Yuzo Takada
Publisher: Kodansha

Sequel of 3x3 eyes sets years after the end of the original series. A group of mysterious people is targeting Yakumo while he’s investigating in Paris.

And that's the only appearance of Sanjiyan

It’s been more than ten years since the end of 3x3 eyes (well, I binged reading it on February so it’s not really that long for me). It’s good to see Pai and Yakumo back in action. It’s still has what makes 3x3 eyes so great: the immortal action, Pai being both comic relief and serious character, and romantic moments.

For those who didn’t read 3x3 Gaiden, here’s what you've been missing: Yakumo is still doing demon busting around the world, Han and Youko had a daughter named Setsu, and the girls (Pai, Youko, Setsu, Ayanokouji, and Wukai) still hangs out together.

Yakumo in Space

The manga starts by showing how the gang has been doing. The girls are hanging out in Japan with Pai being such a glutton as usual. Yakumo is doing some work in space (yeah, Yakumo is demon busting in space) only to be attacked by an Akidona and fell on earth. Five days later, Yakumo took the girls (minus Wukai and Ayanokouji) for a work trip in Paris. While hanging out in a café, Setsu and Pai are kidnapped.

Highschool Girls? Seriously?

The main plot is about mysterious people who thought Yakumo as the key to Earth’s destruction. The new characters, bunch of modern highschool girls, fells out of place and just there to appeal the target audience. But since this is just a short manga, we’re gonna forget about them once it’s over (just like that Gyaru in the Gaiden).
"I am a human!" remember the last girl who said that to Yakumo?

The main focus of the new characters is the girl in a wheelchair, Kinoene Michiru, leader of those mysterious people and Gegeneis, the big bad (Oh come on, Yuzo always make the big bad very obvious!). Anyway the interaction between Yakumo and these two reminds me of certain people (Youko when she’s Pai and Bernares respectively).

Pai's new sidekick, Setsu

New addition to the main cast, Setsu is a fresh take itself. The chemistry between her and Pai is so great, she’s basically small Pai with blond hair. Her presence showed how much time has passed since the end of the series. Without her we’d never know due to the characters being immortal.
"Unlike you, Setsu is a human!"

Second plot focuses on Han and Youko. Han is angry at Youko for letting Setsu get kidnapped. This results in a fight where Han yells at Youko, something that Han has never done before. Even though it was supposed to be a dramatic scene, next awkward moment and Youko stormed off turned it into a cute scene instead (I obviously don’t know what love is).

The manga lacks Yakumo and Pai romantic moments, but there’s a scene where Pai asking Michiru not to involve Yakumo. They miss each other every time Yakumo is out demon busting. Pai knows that deep inside Yakumo feels empty. She doesn’t want Yakumo to become another Bernares (who only shows up in the flashback).

"When is dinner time?"

As for the comedy, the gag is still there. Pai is still a glutton no matter where she is. But despite all that, it doesn’t ruin the seriousness of the series. The action is still fast paced with winds blowing every now and then.

"Why bath house?"

In bonus chapter, we get bath scene featuring the girls, something we didn’t get in the original series. It shows how the gang accepts Wukai despite being Bernares’ loyal servant.
Yakumo to the rescue!

In overall, this manga is a good addition to the series. While the new characters are interchangeable, it shows how much time has passed in the series.