Shura no Toki Vol. 13 Ura Epilogue

I've read all of Shura no Toki chapters that didn't get animated which raises a question:
"Should I scanlate this series after I'm done with Fudekage?"

I mean it's one of the series that I wanted to scanlate (the others are Kaiouki, Shura no Mon: Dai ni Mon, other Masatoshi Kawahara's works, and probably back to Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi), but I don't want to rush things. So first, I'm gonna started with Shura no Toki volume 13's alternate ending.

According to the mangaka himself, he wrote two versions of volume 13: one with Komahiko's ending and one with Torahiko's ending (they both canon). In Komahiko's ending, he defeated Torahiko and went to Nobunaga after he was shot. Few days later, Tatsumi (Koma's dad) showed up and gave him the name "Mutsu" (also to confirm that Koma is Yakumo's dad). Torahiko's ending picks up the moment after Nobunaga was shot (they skipped Koma and Nobunaga's scene).

Also I realized that some Mutsu's are actually featured in the prolog before the opening in the anime (Kichi, Koma, Takato, and Tora).