Shura no Mon Iden: Fudekage Vol. 5 Ch. 14 Part 1

Wow, this week has been a busy one for me
  1. My first translating job
  2. Language Testing observation
  3. Hosting a Cardfight Vanguard Tournament
  4. Humongous ammount of assignments (which I ignore 50%)
Although most of them went horribly wrong....

Anyway, I split chapter 14 into two parts (even though the second part only has like 26 pages). I decided to do this because Arya's lines are all in katakana (just to show that she's a foreigner). Also there're three pages that didn't have furigana next to it, so it's going to be hard to know what the kanji says (this is the reason why I stopped translating Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi, can somebody translate that please? Same thing goes to Shura no Mon: Dai Ni Mon)
So here's the NTR chapter as promised:



Next part: Is it my translation or Satsuka's keep asking for a doujin?