Monthly Shonen Magazine July Issue

Happy Ramadhan everybody! The time comes again where I give you the summary of this month's Monthly Shonen Magazine. Now that I think about it, I tell less and less each month about the chapters. (Kakushigoto is on the cover for Kindle Version)

Lineup (06/06/2016)

  • Kakushigoto (Kouji Kumeda)
  • All of Kakushi's assistants are injured so he have to outsource. Meanwhile, Hime thought that her household is poor. First volume will come out in June 17 and also there will be an art exhibition event in June 30.
  • Chikuwa Machi no Susume (Naoki Hirano)
  • Mashiro no Oto (Marimo Ragawa)
  • Wakana had a CD debut last chapter. Little did he know, her mom is in charge of the promotion.
  • Bocchi Album (Satoshi Yamaguchi & Takeshi Hirai)
  • The club is choosing which photo goes to school's yearbook.
  • Ryusui no Tsubasa: Shiki Ryuko Seike Iden (Masatoshi Kawahara)
  • I still got nothing. Probably We'll get a preview once the first volume comes out.
  • Farewell, My Cramer (Naoshi Arakawa)
  • The girl football team meets their coach and their first match.
  • Dear Boys Overtime (Hiroki Yagami)
  • Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku (Nishio Ishin & Yo Asami)
  • Investigating time featurhing Yakusuke and Kyoko.
  • Kuro Ageha (Atsushi Kase)
  • Haru yo, Kuru na (Bin Kusamizu & Mayo Hamazaki)
  • Ayumi decided to sleepover at Suzuki's house after what happened last chapter. We also get to see what other characters think of him.
  • Sora no Platanus (Taro Nami & Sanbanchi Kawa)
  • Noragami (Adachitoka)
  • Meshi Neko (Wasabi Kimura)
  • The manga is so popular online, we get another chapter in this issue. This time: he's helping a female chef by sampling her shrimp tempura.
  • Tekken Chinmi Legends (Takeshi Maekawa)
  • Bikei and Jintan are injured (I don't care about that army dude) with Chinese ninja in hot pursuit. But the same trick won't work twice on those ninjas.
  • C. M. B. (Motohiro Kato)
  • Convenience Store Lady (Asumu Matsumoto)
  • New character appears and she might now our Lady's secret. But that doesn't stop her from making Chinken Karage with candy toppings.
  • Shikkoku no Ten (Kenshiro Sakamoto)
  • To celebrate first volume (I have no idea what this manga is about), a special chapter.
  • Kin no Kanojo Gin no Kanojo (Maruboro Akai)
  • Childhood friend vs. Silver girl. Who will win?
  • Pumpkin Scissors (Iwanaga Ryotaro)
  • Finally Alice make a speaking appearance.
  • Shin Kamen Rider Spirits (Ishinomori Shotaro & Kenichi Muraeda)
  • Ryuroden (Yoshito Yamahara)
  • Houkago no Kiseki (Aoshi Takato)

And that's it for this month. Next month, a new series by Hirofumi Sawada (Shanaou Yoshitsune), Meisen no Dragoon (Dragoon of Joss Paper).